About Fully Defiant

The Spending Gap

According to some reports, large businesses spend as much as $60,000 per year on a their web presence, while small businesses spend less than $500.

Smaller organizations find it difficult to maintain a professional presence at a price they can afford. Pre-packaged websites lack personality and service.

Filling the Web Gap

Fully Defiant provides a wide scope of services within that gap, priced and customized for small businesses and nonprofits. We'll support your mission of service to your customers by cultivating a web presence that fits your needs.

Fully Defiant:

  • develops professional websites for a small groups and businesses
  • is there to help them maintain and grow their sites over time
  • serves as an affordable consultant on future needs
  • refers you to other services when your needs outgrow our resources

We offer a Quick Reply Survey that you can use to get started.

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A message from Bill Bartlett:

Fully Defiant is dedicated to providing custom-fit services to small businesses and community organizations. I founded this company in Arizona almost ten years ago to provide personal, custom hosting and web services to a limited number of clients.

Since then, the company has grown more stable and the range of services I'm able to offer has increased.

I help small businesses maintain a professional presence on the web!

Contact Fully Defiant:
PO Box 251
Greeley, CO 80631